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Knock on the open door…hello, how do you do?

Be your true self, a warm embrace for you;

Have fun with puns, banters and laughter,

Open your heart, cry on someone’s shoulder;

After a hard day’s work, a watering hole,

Relax, sit down, browse, or bare your soul;

Whether you’re pink, or red, or blue, or green,

For you there’s a smile, a hug, a wink, a grin.

Endless simple pleasures,

A home of invaluable treasures...

Have a ball,

We‘ve got it all.

Welcome to SM!

Topic(s): Advice, Beauty & Style, Cooking, Health Issues, Home & Garden, Married Couples, Outdoors, Parenting, Pregnancy, Professional Women, Safe sex, Seasoned Professionals, Single Parents, Working from Home, Young and Retired
Associate Moderators: fantasiamore

Restrictions: between 23 and 99 seeking man or woman

opal10355 62F

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UNDERGOING RENOVATIONSfantasiamore357  27  2/20/2018
FOR THE MUCH AWAITED GET-TOGETHER THIS YEARfantasiamore906  33  7/21/2009
WHAT'S UP?fantasiamore703  39  6/30/2009
AM NOT MAKING IT EXCLUSIVE BUT...fantasiamore741  50  6/10/2009
UPDATED SMHATF HOUSE RULES...as of 13 September 2007fantasiamore1013895  18  4/4/2009
I MAY NOT ASK YOU, BUT AM VERY CURIOUSfantasiamore199  13  4/15/2009
THE MAGIC CIRCLE OF 50....REPLACING THE TIES THAT BINDfantasiamore10131475  17  4/4/2009
WHO AM I....ALL OF US COMPOSE SMHATFfantasiamore1013700  10  4/4/2009
THE MAGNUS OPUS OF SMHATFfantasiamore10131398  18  4/4/2009
"When Will I See You Again"RutJal9  0  2/25/2015
Beauty, a Beast but the Bestmagnifiscentgirl4  0  9/4/2013
What do u think of Younger guys courting a single mom double his age?nymphsprite167  9  5/22/2013
Lovesudarsangopi15  0  10/10/2009
Bagong Grupoatoakoparin100  3  1/11/2009
WISHING YOU....fantasiamore69  4  1/2/2009
UPDATES.....UPDATES.....HOW FAR HAVE YOU GONE?fantasiamore322  17  12/22/2008
TRADITION IS SET...NOVEMBER 29, 2008fantasiamore978  64  12/4/2008
WORDS TO LET ME KNOW HOW YOU ARE.....fantasiamore1806  97  12/3/2008
What's all this HULABALOOO???????bonjing6353270  17  12/3/2008
IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAYfantasiamore104  6  11/30/2008
THIS COMING CHRISTMAS...HMMM....I HOPE....fantasiamore46  3  10/25/2008
YOUR OWN CLICHE....IF YOU STILL REMEMBER?fantasiamore191  19  10/23/2008
The Grand Dame has just become............. GRANDER?????bonjing6353244  20  10/15/2008
OCTOBER FUN ON SUNDAY (AFTER)NOONfantasiamore151  11  10/12/2008
WHAT ARE SM EB'S ALL ABOUT...fantasiamore454  30  10/3/2008
WHY NAMAN?....IT'S ALWAYS LIKE THAT!fantasiamore89  1  10/1/2008
THE RAINBOW...after the stormprivatejoycee523  22  9/10/2008
SA ARAW MONG ITO....SA IYO ANG PAGPUPUNYAGI, TAJULZ!!!fantasiamore137  4  9/8/2008
LET'S PARTY THE CYBER STYLE AND WAY.....fantasiamore742  58  8/18/2008
ARAY NAMAN!.....WHAT'S THE MATTER?fantasiamore103  15  8/17/2008[View All]

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